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These wax melts make for great gifts, party favors, stocking suffers and more. No need to worry about a flame but you still get the same smell.


*Lemon Pound Cake

lemon peel, butter, cake, vanilla, sugar



amaretto, rum, vanilla, butter, sugar, cream, spice



balsam, hemlock, pine needles, tonka bean, vanilla


*Pumpkin Pie Spice

pumpkin, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, vanilla, tonka bean, sugar, ginger, pie crust


*Cedarwood Blanc

bergamot, oakmoss, camphor, patchouli, cedar, amber


*Aspen Woods

patchouli, jasmine, amber, woody earthy notes


*Beach Linen

orange blossom, cotton blossom, linen, ozone, powder, sandalwood


*Sweet Orange & Sriracha

spicy chili peppers, orange, mandarin, black pepper, coriander


*Suede & Smoke
Leather, smoke, amyris, moss, light musk


*Butter Pecan

butter, roasted pecans, pie crust, vanilla, sugar


*Pumpkin Latte

orange peel, butter, pumpkin, caramel, maple, pecan, vanilla, coffee, sugar, cream

Wax melts 3oz

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